I am learning about love.

Many things came to a standstill in my life. Without the help of the Holy Spirit I am just like every other person. With the Holy Spirit everything moves with speed.

I am actually worse than every other person without the Holy Ghost because my imagination, over active as it is works in the direction of my thoughts.

I am going to try to live by faith and see where it takes me.

No, in Christendom, you don’t try, you do.

I choose to live by faith, take my chances and follow where God leads.

I see fruitfulness all around me, everything in and around me and connected to me, blossoms the way God created it to.

I see amazing growth because we only obey the blessing that God commanded on us in Gen 1:26

It is ours by birthright, because of Gal 3:29 we can lay claim to every good thing in God, name and receive as the Spirit shows it to us in Jesus name, amen.

The path of the righteous shines brighter and brighter until it is full day. Prov 4:18



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