Know who you are + A GIFT

I have a surprise gift for you.

I have been listening to this guy and has some amazing teachings about the new creation. I was having a series of spiritual attacks and I did not know how to stop it so out of desperation I began praying.

One night as I was waking God asked me not to fight that I should give the people over to Him and stay where He put me.

So that is what I did.

So I am trusting the LORD to help me have the victory in the media section of the seven mountains.

So you must have guessed it. I am a kingdom daughter. I have an assignment to conquer the marketplace for the kingdom of God amongst other things. At least that is what I believe so I am invested in anything that has to do with the kingdom of God.

Because I am doing what God has called me to do, I am flourishing



The gift is something special.

A Christian gift. A novel and then a spiritual book that will do you good.


Download these Christian books.

Chronicles of Zedek – Genesis

The_Spiritual_Man by Watchman Nee



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